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About us

“LEGAL REMEDY & LEGAL ASSISTANCE FOR ALL” is the motto which we are determined to fulfil. FRIEND4LAW.COM is a service portal which provides solutions and assistance to the multiple legal problems through various legal experts who have expertise in different fields of law. FRIEND4LAW assist in starting a business, getting registrations, making legal & corporate compliances, regulatory approvals and moreover an expert legal advice to resolve the even minute doubts in the mind of advice seeker. Our aim is to make available legal expertise in corporate law, civil matters, family matters, IPR (trademark, copyright, patent), NGO registration, labour law, taxation, FEMA, drafting of agreements legal notices and in various other legal matters and we strive to provide advisory and opinion on different facets of law.

FRIEND4LAW is an innovative & unique concept and is backed by an expert team of Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Chartered Accountant and other specialized consultants.

Our one & foremost objective is to provide access to the legal advice and legal services by dedicated professionals of law whose motto is not only to achieve self-goal but also to help the individual, company, industry in a way that benefit of their experience reaches to the ultimate beneficiary effectively & economically.

So if you are an individual, need to start your business, if you are a start up, if you planning to start e-commerce business, if you are a small business house need legal assistance, if you want to protect your brand, if you are facing labour law issue, if you want corporate and secretarial assistance, if you are facing domestic violence, if you need taxation assistance, if you need FEMA advisory, if you need drafting assistance, if you need assistance with real estate, if you have employment issues and any other legal assistance, JUST DROP IN YOUR QUERY AT WWW.FRIEND4LAW.COM.